80. Plan B From Outer Space
16.1.2017, 1:00
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80. Plan B From Outer Space

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Author Notes:
16.1.2017, 1:00

"That is one giant leap for mankind, one step back for alienkind."

The Planetary Attractiveness Index (PAI) went down that day. Ah well.

Teren, pls, Aquila is not a grocery bag...

Panel 9 was a good chance to finally borrow an expression I kind of wanted to use so thanks!

This page ends the run of this comic here in Comic Fury and I am moving my updates to Tapastic.
Some of you already know or read it on the profile.

You are welcome to read it there if you wish but even if not, that is perfectly alright! Whatever decision is more comfortable.
I will continue reading some comics over here and what I can find there, I will try to read there.
Thanks for understanding and PM me (or other contact) if there are comments/questions and thanks so much for following it here! See ya!

16.1.2017, 4:31

oh my gaaaawd
Is it extra good cuz it's COOKED WITH LOOOOVE?
that is too cute.

16.1.2017, 21:36

That and it is definitely better than whatever you can get normally!
It probably is not sandworm meat because that would be a bit expensive to buy.

Ya. The scream was so loud satellites picked it and it is a shameful example of extraterrestrial life.

16.1.2017, 5:43

Omg, the "kidnapping" panel- TOO damn cute!

...Woah!! Earth? And they aren't aware of aliens? Woah, mind blown!

...Y-you're leaving CF? Aw man. ;~;

16.1.2017, 21:40

That was probably a necessity because Aquila would otherwise drag him to eat a different burger of the usual lower quality...

Yup! Terrible first impressions and... the last time they made contact. Maybe. I wanted to "show" how good the burger was but do not want to drag humans into this, haha. At least I could draw the NASA building...

I will continue to read some stuff here but not updating so for the most part, yes. It is really alright and thanks a lot!

16.1.2017, 6:52



16.1.2017, 21:41

Shan, you broke my page AND my browser with that image!

Earth confirmed and abandoned at the some time as I will not be probably returning to anything Earth based. Just a joke!

Thanks man and good luck!!

18.1.2017, 4:53

SO MUCH FUNNY in this.
"I swear this is a disorder…" HAHAHAHA
Teren's dry sense of humour is amazing.
Well executed M'Jak.

PS - When did you start working for NASA?

18.1.2017, 20:38

Thanks. I think Teren reached a point when it starts to become too much sometimes!
Not just any alien can eat a burger and then realize a few hours later that they need even more...

Unfortunately there are probably dozens of people working there that happen to look like me. NASA robotics would be cool though!

19.1.2017, 0:02

Life? Yes

Intelligent? ...

We'll get back to you on that :)

20.1.2017, 0:04

I believe there are aliens out there but definitely VERY VERY VERY far away and not like the usual designs or some mysteries about the Pyramids and stuff.
Still. It would be cool to know whether they are more or less intelligent than us.

20.1.2017, 0:30

Oh I'm positive it's out there.

Because of the motion of the universe, though, I doubt we'll ever come into contact... the longer we take, the more impossible it gets. Maybe (if we even survive) we'll eventually, after a long long time, find a way to travel through the cosmos, but I'm skeptical.

It's a lonely existence :)

22.1.2017, 21:45

I am not skeptical. I do not believe it! Whatever happens after I am dead though...
Reason is that if we EVER construct solid space traveling program... we will probably only make it as far as the closest planets, really. However, I believe we will colonize them "soon enough" at least.

Plus... From the billions of planets we discovered VERY FAR, it does not seem like anything there is similar which means if there is... it is WAAAAAY TOO FAR!!

Who knows?

22.1.2017, 6:59

This is an amazing page. What a note to go out on. And of course, thanks for the nod!!! There's actually a lot of creative stuff going on here visually. I love whenever you attempt unusual angles and perspectives, plus a few new expressions of your own!

My, but Teren and Aquila are getting chummy! I also love that we get some sense of their place in the universe here, i.e., earth IS out there!

22.1.2017, 21:51

No problem, son! That expression was amazing and I needed a good enough excuse :)
I do not think it is anything special but thanks anyway. I decided to show a bit more stuff because there is no harm in trying. So you can see they live in mundane colorful Tim Burton like houses...

Nothing like a proper homemade burger! Aquila blackmailed this one though...

29.1.2017, 14:06

just because the word was burger, it's not intelligent life? fools! just the etymology of that word should reveal lots of interesting implications... plus its aquila haha. if shes not smart then who is.

great page. the backgrounds mustve been death. props

30.1.2017, 21:07

I think they or... we... expected a little bit more than burgers :/
Like a full scale invasion or trading or exchanging gifts or space lizards.

Drawing them was the least of my worries but coloring them is always damn tedious. Click, click, click and suddenly out of usable colors.

23.8.2017, 22:10

*chowing down on a burger* Whatever hater

25.8.2017, 21:32

Burgers are superior. Do not discriminate against burgers!
One semi-famous programmer once said that pizza is the ultimate food because you get pretty much everything in one meal. Burgers are like that as well :D

10.1.2018, 22:25

nice work :)

21.5.2018, 0:58

OK, that third act was amazing. I am glad I read this page.

23.5.2018, 20:22

Imagine it would happen in the past and it would turn out that is how fast food business started here...
Not sure how they would catch the transmission but details :D

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