Name: Aquila Kurazy

Nickname: Mathquila (Teren)

Age: 24

Hair: purple

Eyes: blue, bright magenta eyeballs, blue "growths" on sides

Occupation: programmer, math expert, administrator

Likes: computers, technology, bugs (no pun) and insects, math, science, numbers, HoloBall, comedy, food, sweets

Dislikes: physical activities, waking up early, long texts, reading, loud music, shortcuts instead of skill

Traits: energetic, enthusiastic, comparable to a super computer, naive, ignorant, lack of common sense, food black hole, bad jokes and puns, "radioactive"

Bio: One can say the weirdness began right at birth. Born on the now nonexistent day which the Emperor at the time later deleted from the calendar due to various circumstances.
Since early childhood, Aquila had the affinity to numbers and computers. Her mental age also stopped at that time or maybe her brain short-circuit a bit later.
Aquila refused almost any other form of "fun" until high school.
By that time, she already started working on her own operating system perfected later and used to this day by her and a few close people (test subjects).
She successfully hacked and edited grades of every student at school for which she was swiftly expelled. That is where her school life ended.
Aquila continued to work as a freelance programmer (no one could deny her skill) until she hacked VERY sensitive government info.
They proposed her a simple deal: Either "disappearance" or work at one of the most important world organizations despite psycho tests showing a complete lack of common sense.
She met Teren after almost slamming the door in his face which he casually avoided. Since then, they got their own office.
Clearly destructive to machines. Teren found traces of bugs, dirt, food and even shampoo.


Name: Teren Sarakas

Nickname: Terry (Kimea: "Because he needs one so there.")

Age: 23

Hair: blonde with red highlights (natural)

Eyes: black

Occupation: mechanic, space engineer, HolloBall player

Likes: technology, machines, military equipment, books, classic music, serious movies

Dislikes: technical manuals, fads, too many people at one place (questionable), jerks

Traits: bad actor, cold, sarcastic, problems with having fun, actually a nice guy which negates most previous things, heart of gold

Bio: Teren came from a family of former space marines which naturally made him interested in war mechs and other weaponry.
He was that kid who likes to "modify" things his parents let him play with.
Through trial and error, he slowly understood machines on his own before turning to serious books and later studies.
While he did not become a soldier, Teren worked in military equipment factories often stealing parts for home use and study. He also wrote a book on the effective use of stardust fibers which is still unpublished to this day because of unknown reasons.
Teren was always used to working alone and study alone but it never affected him as much as he acts it did. Still, he has his share of coldness.
After modifying a Compact Ultrareactor to a portable heater (under the pretence of "tech-art") the supervisors relocated him elsewhere where he became all around mechanic.
Met Aquila by pure chance when she almost slammed the door in his face screaming: "I got it!" He casually avoided the attack and the two instantly became friends.


Name: Blum Diffo

Nickname: none (everyone agreed)

Age: 30

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Occupation: warehouse manager, hiring manager, space engineer (when needed)

Likes: talking about people, history, technology from other planets, simple tech, surprisingly almost every movie

Dislikes: complicated tech, show-offs, liars, most food

Traits: blunt, perceptive, kind, sometimes indifferent, really hard to speak to properly, uses "indeed"

Bio: Most went through him. Some hate him, others do not. To reason with Blum can be impossible at times.
Interestingly, he befriended Teren really quickly when Teren was still new and since then, Blum is his personal consultant and advisor.
One of the few people Teren opens up to even though he likes to hide that fact even in front of his friend.
Blum has a keen eye and is a good judge of people. Sometimes better than of himself.
He jokingly considers Aquila to be much needed therapy for some people. She was willing to reprogram applications to much simpler forms as he has difficulties with modern tech.
That fact started their friendship even though the two cannot really talk to each other and most attempts end in embarrassing silence as one tries to emulate the other.


Name: Kimea Addapa

Nickname: Kimmy (Aquila), Kim (Blum)

Age: 33

Hair: orange

Eyes: red, her eyes are rectangular shaped

Occupation: economist, PR manager

Likes: shopping, cakes, gossip, sarcasm, dry humor, conspiracies, controversies, soap operas, random shows, detective stories, books, drawing

Dislikes: trouble makers, jerks, things that do not add up, challenging or complicated problems

Traits: snarky, likes to be right, everything needs investigation and is suspicious, well intended, slight pessimist, indecisive, random epithets

Bio: Kimea's indecisive nature led her where she is now. Always unsure about everything although her advice are gold, the only job she could do is working with money and dealing with people. A combination which nurtured her sarcastic side and taught her how to appreciate random gossip and other social mishaps.
She is the person who comes out as rude but is actually just confused at times. Despite those facts, she is the one organizing almost every event for her friends and manages the group as a whole.
Met Aquila randomly during lunch. That is all.
Clawed at the workshop doors in tears saying they are going to fire her and then kill her as her chair broke. Teren was still there working late so he opened, repaired the chair and "saved her life."


Name: Rosh Elfulle

Nickname: Apprentice (Teren)

Age: 20

Hair: dark magenta

Eyes: yellow, blue eyeballs

Occupation: space engineer in training

Likes: famous people, good teachers, everyday people, sad movies, HolloBall, tech books, machines, zero gravity, cheap fun

Dislikes: loud people, people who look down on others, money, seeing others being sad, adult life and its commitments

Traits: easily influenced at times, low self esteem, highly adaptable, random acts of fun or jokes

Bio: Still a student, Rosh has to often switch between two different backgrounds, His school life and necessary work experience.
Talented but highly unskilled in "selling" himself. As luck would have it, Rosh was placed under Teren's tutelage which was a godsend to a person like him.
Even though Teren experienced phases of slight jealousy, the two combined are unstoppable.
Unlike Teren, Rosh enjoys Aquila's "breaking machines sprees" as he is more interested in the way she broke them.
On the other hand, he also plays the other Teren at times, mostly when Aquila actually starts to be annoying.
Rosh has slightly better attention to detail than Teren but his work focus needs work.



Name: Ulm'Khal (sometimes Ulm'Khal II to avoid confusion with his father)

Nickname: weird face (Teren), standard idiot (Kimea)

Age: 30

Hair: light brown

Eyes: crimson, bright green eyeballs

Occupation: programmer, robotics software engineer

Likes: fame, people worse than him, bothering new guys, his boss, quiz shows

Dislikes: normal people, people better than him, most of the cast, sports, answering "stupid" questions, inexperienced people asking questions

Traits: surprisingly calm, complaining to others, calling people by their last name, commenting on what people wear, competing to be the very best

Bio: Ulm was never the type to interact with other people. Unless you are the one praising or complimenting him, you are otherwise boring and uninteresting to speak to. He likes to sort people in various groups and levels of "intelligence."
He will only speak to those who are on his and SLIGHTLY lower level. The rest can expect mean comments and slander.
Interestingly enough, Ulm IS capable of sorting people who are better. Much to his own dismay.
His one sided rivalry with Aquila developed almost instantly during their first joint project. Since then, the problem is more about the fact that Aquila completely misses every bad word or blatant badmouthing than her being more skilled.
He dislikes Teren out of sheer principle.
Ulm's high skill and talent are severely held back by his own behavior. The irony of it all.



Name: Mr. Slimer (all that is needed)

Nickname: Slimy (Aquila, even in his presence, addopted by Kimea), boss (Teren), overseer (Blum), executioner (Kimea)

Age: 55

Hair: dirty green/brown (what is left of it anyways)

Eyes: black, red eyeballs

Occupation: CEO

Likes: money, his company, his employees (actually serious), his family, swimming (yep), business trips, drinking fine alcohol

Dislikes: his competitors, most business partners, losing money, the flow of time, getting older

Traits: bipolar, mumbling to himself, easily bored, sudden surges of a very good mood, often annoyed

Bio: Everyone's ever loving boss. Slimer can be as kind as he is ruthless but that only happens from time to time.
Successfully leading one of the most important world organizations.
Despite all the bad publicity some like to give him, Slimer built and led the company from the very beginning almost by himself and alone.
He has back-and-forth relationship with Teren who is one of those immune to his anger. Same with Aquila but that is one sided with him being constantly annoyed at the fact how important she is to the company while Aquila is happily ignoring pay cuts and other reminders.
Slimer outright despises most of his business partners but takes them as necessary evil.
Every weekend, he lies on his bed at home, looks at the ceiling and thinks about retiring so he can spend the rest of his like with his family he sincerely and dearly loves.
Only to wake up the next day rushing to work.