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78. Kimegoa
24.10.2016, 2:00
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78. Kimegoa

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Author Notes:
24.10.2016, 2:00

If Teren knew, he would chuckle for two days how arrogant people got knocked down a bit, heh.

Solid effort with what goals exactly? Maybe next time, Kimea, maybe next time. Look at what you have first! :D

Imperial Banquet was... a peculiar incident that happened a long time ago. People either facepalm, make fun of it or deny it ever happened.

Right after the naming of Emperor Sormiel II, he made some seriously screwed up decisions. The Imperial Senate had to actually intervene a few hours after his naming.
Sormiel's reasoning was that in another parallel dimension he was the best ruler ever and pushed all the bad problems over to this one, unfortunately.
Being mentally unable to rule the senate changed him immediately for...

Empress Vylliel who did not waste any time to buy a whole mountain range for her boyfriend so he can hunt there and wanted to switch Imperial texts with her terrible poetry.
The Senate sent her to a forest house somewhere and told her to write there while they named...

Emperor Zimiel who immediately paid for a planet wide search for his long lost plush toy.
Removed as well, obviously.

After this the desperate Senate named Emperor the first guy they caught on the street whose name is debated. He did his job well.
Four rulers in 36 hours and ten years of recovery for the Empire. Called the Imperial Banquet.

24.10.2016, 2:10

If I were her boss, she would probably get fired immediately :')

24.10.2016, 21:35

Nobody gets fired there it seems. There were literally walls exploding :D
It is like people are about to get fired, nothing happens, everything works. How the company turns in profit... I have no idea.

24.10.2016, 2:30

Looks like someone needs to get back to them humble roots. So complacent Kimea is with her job that she let it get to her head, kinda like other people.

What a bunch of screw up emperors/empresses! See, lore like this calls for flashback episodes, son!

24.10.2016, 21:40

Good for her that she is genuinely skilled and can move up, cool, but whoa whoa whoa slow down because nothing it promised or destined. Anyone can say that. Actually, that is what most university first years think before getting kicked out... Then they return SUPER humbled :D

The Empire works in a way that should not work.
I am having flashbacks of you giving me flashbacks that I need flashbacks. Maybe but probably not :/

24.10.2016, 2:45

Getting to the top requires a lot of hardwork and sacrifices.

I don't wanna go there...

24.10.2016, 21:42

As Teren explained: You gotta be in the right spot where you can still do what you enjoy, get the job done, everyone is happy but you still have a funny overview of the occasional storm higher ;)

24.10.2016, 4:13

Oh my Gosh, the freaking lore you come up with for this comic...

Also daaaaamn kimmy.

24.10.2016, 21:46

There is a lot more but stuff can only be released when it is relevant :D
Since people seem to read it then sure! More on the current situation soon enough!
The Empire only works because it does not.

Oh, she will be fine. She just needs a slap once in a while. She is not inherently like that but allows things to get in her head :D

25.10.2016, 13:04

Isn't her life, like, a never ending series of slaps?

I guess that's why she's not an evil overlord at the moment.

25.10.2016, 21:19

Someone has to live the life of bad luck :/
However, she had a rough life so some of her acting and such is simply because of that. I would like to avoid something like a backstory episodes because they are just normal people so nothing TOO special (just like we are not special) but yeah. Rough stuff.
Although things getting to your head are well... Your choice.

Thanks. You gave me an idea actually!

24.10.2016, 4:29

W-well... All went well, in the end?:'D

24.10.2016, 21:48

I do not drink, not alcohol anyway, but that is a time tested method as old as anything.
So yeah.
Slimer would be a fool to punish her. Just reminded her. A different kind of respect which you may or may not encounter one day.

24.10.2016, 4:29

The eighth straight out of nightmare fuel, dear lord

Kimea, Kimea...

Ooooooh more world building! So do the Emperors normally come from just one family or a group of potential candidates?

24.10.2016, 22:19

lmao, and that panel almost killed me... Nah. Actually, I am surprised that it went relatively well, haha. Once you have the image in your brain it can work.

Next time she might as well go in there guns blazing. If anything, it is a good reminder to do well on economics essays :O
Whatever you normally write there other than weird integrals.

Emperors and Empresses always obtain -iel at the end of their names. Rarely -miel if needed and VERY rarely some other letter before -iel. It always gets added to your name OR its part in case it sounds bad. Therefore, people cannot be named with -iel at the end. To honor The First Emperor or The Holy Emperor Lumiel (in some texts written as Laamiel).
Succession never was a family thing. The Holy Emperor was picked from trusted servants for His wisdom back in ages past. He then grouped people whom he tasked with doing the same once he passes away. The original Imperial Senate.
Theoretically, anyone can become the Emperor/Empress provided they are picked based on something but you need to submit your Imperial Dissertation with plethora of other things. But well... the reality is often different and things have changed a LOT. Often for the worse, haha. A bit more on the current stuff soon enough.

24.10.2016, 8:02

but did the banquet have a zrut plant?

24.10.2016, 21:55

You want a Zrut plant!? All the politicians are Zrut plants for money! Of course it did!
At least the rulers mentioned!
Although maybe it is more like magicians or modern reverse-alchemists! :D

24.10.2016, 18:33

Well, she at least seems to be a good sport about it!

Free drinks for everyone! Or just Blum ;)

24.10.2016, 21:58

There is not much room to be a bad sport. Only in your own mind perhaps, lmao :D

I doubt they called the "kids". They usually do not. So just Blum :)
Aquila is too annoying for clubs of the usual choice and Teren is grumpy and picky about anything inside.

24.10.2016, 20:25

So, Kimmea and Blum are going to "bump uglies" tonight? lol

24.10.2016, 22:02

I dunno. Do you? :D
They often go drinking, sometimes have a walk and talk but that is as much as the Imperial surveillance says!
Although I can say that panel went through a few line revisions :)

"Drink so you see the best the night may bring."
-from Vylliel's terrible poetry

25.10.2016, 6:00

"I have seen more convincing business forum posts than this and those were trolls." ZING!
Nice one Slimer.


Last panel is perfect.

25.10.2016, 21:29

Turns out Slimer is one such troll online! Huhuhuhu! Still better than certain users on programming oriented forums shutting people down with "nobody is going to do your homework" when the person only wants some legit advice.
Not that Slimer is the epitome of good virtues. He also needs a bit of shaking...

Hm? They like to have their fun their own way. Different from the "kids".
Or does it sound suggestive? Haha, I actually changed the line a few times so dunno :D

27.10.2016, 1:59

why am i only hearing about this charlie foxtrot of a banquet now? sounds horrifying and amazing at the same time.

slimer throws an unexpected right hook.

and looks like i finally caught up. truly worth the read. truly funny stuff, but meaningful as well in the right places. the sort of stuff one must aspire to to be able to create. keep at it madjak

27.10.2016, 22:36

Because a lot of Imperial citizens would like to forget history recorded it. If anything, it is a good reminder. Everyone is weird over there. Nobody knows how things work. They do. Somehow. Sometimes. I guess...

Slimer respects her though. Still, if Kimea thinks she can do this then whoa, slow down, take a deep breath and think again! It is going to her head more than usual so some clipping is in order! This can be all done in time with much less arrogance.
Good luck though. She has what it takes!

Thanks! I try when I can :D

21.11.2016, 5:13

WOWWW thats some good hands in the 8th panel. TEACH ME :0!
Have I ever said how great blum is because heees gr8.

21.11.2016, 21:31

Cool that you noticed :D
I have nothing to teach you as I cannot do that but I simply visualized how it would look and went by that image. Plus looking at my own hands :D
The nails could have been better though!

You are the second person who thinks so then! Thanks! He needs an episode of his own but I will get to that :>

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