79. Their Bond
5.12.2016, 2:00
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79. Their Bond

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Author Notes:
5.12.2016, 2:00

Uh, I do not think I have anything to add :D

5.12.2016, 2:15

Uwaah! It's so cute :D Great comic as usual, Jak!

5.12.2016, 23:16

Thanks. Sometimes it feels kind of recycled but I often realize certain points either updated or can be expanded upon or simply told in a better way :D

5.12.2016, 5:41

AHH! That was...

That was perfect. Omg. Amaze, Jak!
Maximum OTP ;-; I love these two so much ahh ;~;

5.12.2016, 23:17

Thanks! :D
That is really what this should be about but alas it is hard to come up with such pages sometimes :)

5.12.2016, 6:20

"…benefits good people I… value."
Almost say something else there Teren?

These two are a great match and compliment each other so well.

Another great message here. I like Aquila's point of view.
Also, she makes a great Okli impression.

5.12.2016, 23:32

Haha! I have not realized that actually but maybe! It is still him so certain expressions... are harder :)

Yup! Their bond works on perhaps higher levels than usual. Both ways and... mysterious.

Aquila needs to be offset by Teren but the important thing is that he can also understand and practice her point of view and vice versa. Unless it is burgers. Only enemies there... :D

5.12.2016, 6:53

Awwwww yessss
I guess in life, you just need someone there who'll always have your back in some way. I'm happy these two found eachother.
Dang, Jak.

5.12.2016, 23:34

Cool :D
I agree plus they really complement each other. Totally. And both changed in some way by absorbing a bit of the other one. What happens nobody knows but Aquila wants to be prepared. Her way of looking at the future!

5.12.2016, 13:10


5.12.2016, 23:36

I think you are doing good though and I doubt I am doing anything special :D
I just think too much sometimes and translate it to the page and how the characters would act while keeping the themes intact. Hopefully.
Dunno. Happens but you probably know that yourself :D

5.12.2016, 14:47

I have a feeling that she was waiting for him to say something like that...

5.12.2016, 23:40

I have a feeling you always have a feeling that Aquila planned things ;)
Not with something like this though but then you usually want some confirmation when you are troubled so you probably mean that.
She really appreciates Teren :>

5.12.2016, 20:17

Oh, my heart. I like Aquila's plan - though I'd advocate a mixture of both Teren's and Aquila's? Better to be flexible in trying to achieve a goal than be lost, though.

5.12.2016, 23:44

I can agree with that!
Then again, a lot depends on what your goals are and what or whom they affect in the end. Positively or negatively.
Over-planning can lose you time and you will not move or make a bad move anyway while not planning can build a wall that much quicker and you may end up with a mess of unfinished stuff.
Yeah. A combinations sounds good :D

6.12.2016, 6:09

'any plans for the future?' uragh, I hate being asked that.

nice page. been practising?

6.12.2016, 23:13

Even worse: Tell me about yourself.
What should I tell? I just respond with "random guy" kind of answer because seriously...

I do not practice but sometimes I try stuff. That is all :D

13.12.2016, 2:30

trying not to feel feels but the feel train is going strong. im not sure if she's resigned to not thinking about the future or deliberately decided to focus on the present.

sometimes i think she has no concept of love until the kissing happens. those are always good reminders

13.12.2016, 14:56

Hard to say. Both have their positives and negatives so it is really just a matter of opinion.
Either planning ahead or working with what you have at the moment. Hm.

Oh wow, thanks! That is one reason why Kimea tried to attack her. Yeah, it may look like that but it is open. It is Teren's choice to listen or not and in case he feels that way, he can always ask :)

8.1.2017, 2:25

Wowww! It finally happened. Aquila's description of her modus operandi is amazing. You have a real unique perspective, amigo.

8.1.2017, 21:56

Yip yop! Although they kissed at least once before it was more like... awkward, haha :D
And Teren changed quite a bit as well.

So much stuff can be approximated as a mathematical model when you are bored lmao :D
Often not that well but ya, sometimes there is something special but how people see it... that is their choice!

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