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Some fan art might be questionable for you. Sorry! People do what people do! Just a friendly warning :)



Aquila portrait from a good friend and future artist.

Older looking because why not :D
(yes, I have RL friends)
Check out his DA!



Teren portrait from a good friend and future artist.
Older looking because why not :D
Also... That is my fault but he has blonde hair with red ends and strokes. Not a cap.
I just cannot draw that so people think otherwise :D
Check out his DA!



Aquila drawing that jumped at me from an awesome portal one day. Portal opened by ProfEtheric, author of Autumn Bay.



Aquila proving that intelligent life exists out there by the ever politically correct and red suit wearing not so serious delinquent, lirvilas, author of Let it Ride.



Aquila and Teren fully drawn by Rd Ashes.

This fan art came absolutely out of nowhere and is just amazing :O

Aquila from the overburdened and overheated xianyu118!
Dat vest :D
Slightly evil looking (understandable) Aquila from the magnificent bear/fox hybrid, argylefox!
He also draws Indifferently Evil!
Boeuf-de-Kobe sent me his version of Aquila as a response to my own fan art for him.
Very much appreciated, buddy! :D
He does Legend of Paean!
I was 20% confused by her hair and thought he mistook it for a veil for a moment :D
Cool hair is cool hair :D
A very nice surprise fan art of Aquila I got in a PM!
I bet she is hacking something :D
The author of this piece wishes to remain anonymous due to Comic Fury Artists Witness Protection Program.
Do I even have to say by whom?
Just look at it! The style! The sky!
You guessed it!
Aquila and Teren (probably testing free fall) from the local bear: argylefox.
He draws Indifferently Evil!
A really nice surprise fan art from carbon featuring the following character (L to R):
Eva - Wastelanders Anonymous (Seabiscuit)
Oliver - This Hostile Universe (Unsavory)
Teren from my favorite CF gem, AlphaEmerald.
He is his favorite so that REALLY counts!
lirvilas is responsible for this highly accurate portrayal of inner lower forums workings.
He is addicted though.
No thigh highs and those shoes.
I admit defeat for this round.
Featuring Eric from the Let it Ride series! Read for actual madness!
Van Husk I made this highly dangerous pairing.
Befriend at your own risk! Highly explosive!
Featuring Sophie from Random Things For Random Beings!
You did not have to but thanks a lot!
This amazing pic with the duo gorging themselves (as they should) caught me by total surprise.
Drawn by the cool gideonland, the author of Next Reverie.
Read it if you like dragons, explosions and effect spectacles!
This episode was not slated for TV broadcast so here it is in its uncensored (depends) glory.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
Drawn by lirvilas, of course.
And you are probably reading Winners and Losers anyway. Do not be a loser!
junoro really liked the okli birds so they drew one sitting on Aquila's shoulder.
Looks really funny :D
They are the author of The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark. Not to be confused with Land SNARK even though there is plenty of that...
This comes from the deranged mind of hykez87.
Check out his stuff for similar well done flash craziness :D
My online buddy Novyal made me this simple Aquila walking sprite.
I am currently testing his two RPG Maker games.
No, they are not about my comic :D
If anyone is REALLY interested in playing some serious work in progress then let me know.
Teren struggling through snow without hope from hykez87.
The author of Married to a Transformers Fan and War Planet.
"OTP at first sight?" says local bird expert.
An okli eating a worm together with formerly lonely Smeck.
Female okli bird confirmed canon.
Let's see here...
Drawn by junoro who does The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark which is not disappointing at all!
Smeck from Doby and Smeck by Rd Ashes powered by rainbow power.
Idea by sigpig, the CF brain.
In association with lirvilas, backing by his Winners and Losers.
Chirped happily ever after!
Obtained from hykez87!
The question is: Is Aquila interested in the technology or food?
The answer is really hard.
The force field container is seriously rad and fits!
Aquila watching stars.
Probably calculating proper galactic longitudes and latitudes in the process or in whatever celestial coordinates system you prefer.
Delivered by Dollipop, the author of Capsalot.
lirvilas made this fake movie poster, something he does REALLY well in general, and it is totally awesome AND accurate!
Inspired by my movie which is in turn inspired by his actual work so yes, you CAN watch it ;)
If you do not mind strong language then uncensored and larger version HERE!
Another cool Total Mayhem movie poster drawn by lirvilas.
That makes two so enough to paste all over Aquila's room in the future!
Fictional within fiction cast of the Total Mayhem movie from xianyu118!
Names are his but hereby considered canon for the characters in the movie in my comic.... uh.
Do not dig too deep or you might dig up your own grave.
Someone DID leak the codes in the first place.
There is some mystery and intrigue going on!
Rd Ashes made this and also put Mahjite Phaalan there creeping and watching.
TheMario360 made this pretty fitting little crossover with his comic Thomas & Zachary!
Zach is super intelligent and overall smartest in his universe so I guess they can talk face to face :D
However, I think he would appreciate a more serious tone. Oh well!
Part of the "I am bored at work" series.
Nothing like bishonen Teren. Cool!
Stay in The Line ladies!
From MistakeNPotatoes aka the author of Those Unknowable!
Kimea, Kimea, let down your hair!
There is paperwork coming right up!
Blum. The best kind of prince.
Adds more luck to an already really lucky life.
Based on this page.
From xianyu118! 100+ comics and counting!
Best PR Manager
"Sparks really fly when these two characters are together. XD"
Some watch a movie, some have a lunch and some watch explosions. Actual ones. Not fireworks. Big difference.
Love comes from the heart and can even destroy the local gas distribution pipeline.
Thanks a lot, Rd :D
From, yeah, lirvilas because he was on maid drugs and because why not ;)
I am not sure which was the last page that actually showed Aquila working so I guess it will end up this way.
loonoro sent me this Kimea picture which almost looks like something on a cover of a company magazine!
Or at the end of a "Liebe Kollegen" company promo email.
She is also unlucky enough to have her text cut D:
mosske did this after a little misunderstanding just like Aquila was born from a mathematical misunderstanding so... I think it fits :D :D
I am never going to experience it but catching drink droplets in zero gravity must be so cool. Or watching the liquid as it cannot expand much.
Rd actually drew this for real :D
Looks REALLY close but that is not hard.
Talking about kinks... That is one way to celebrate a good deal. Slimer even lost some weight it seems :D
The only real company rule is that everyone is weird.
Shan drew this Aquila holding a...
We agreed on a detonator as the most logical choice. Pfft, phones.
Gas pipes, office walls etc. All exploded!
Dem clothes tho <3 :>
Thanks, Rd :D
Doby made THREE burgers as ordered but due to alien abduction, only a single one made it.
As a true unicorn manager, aka bossicorn, he presented it as an OK situation.
Still better than crappy lunch :)
(I had pizza in Pizza Hut in reality :D)
Annoying girlquila and Tsundereeren from Smilo!
That trademark smirk though :D
Conversation open to interpretation but probably something about eating or going outside or "Can I try that machine? Please?"
Perhaps she is praising him :O